poza articol roxanaA hydrated and smooth skin is a sign of beauty and health. Every woman dreams at this ideal skin when they buy a pot with cream. Day cream, night cream, anti-wrinkle cream, eye cream…your bathroom closet is suffocated by all kinds of these cosmetic products. Inevitably you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what lotion to use or how many times a day. To maintain a beautiful skin it is recommended to have two creams: one for day and one for night. Both products contain ingredients that hydrate the skin, prevent wrinkles and stimulate cell regeneration.

However, there are some differences between them. Day cream has a light texture and contains special ingredients that nourish the skin and protects against ultraviolet rays. Night cream is more hydrating and rich in anti-wrinkle compounds that help reduce fine lines and restore elasticity to skin. Because the application is made before going to bed, night cream offers no sun protection.

Day cream – extra hydration

In time, the skin loses the ability to maintain hydration and the regeneration of epidermis slows, resulting in wrinkles and stains. These processes are caused especially by exposure to sunlight, extreme cold and frost, pollution.

A moisturizer aims to nourish the skin deep, but it also allows defense against external aggressions such as cold, pollution, humidity, dust. Thus, properly moisturized skin remains supple and soft for a longer time.

How to use: in the morning apply and stretch moisturizer all over your face, neck and cleavage, after a prior cleaning of the skin. For the lotion to be absorbed by the epidermis, massage gentle with the fingertips.

Tips: on a well hydrated skin makeup last longer. It is therefore a necessary step before applying any makeup product.

Night cream – gentle care

The creams that are applied in the night are designed to relax and to “fix” the skin during the whole sleep. In the calm of the night, the skin starts the natural cellular regeneration activity. It is advisable to use such a cream, because during sleep the skin has a greater ability to absorb active ingredients. Damaged skin because of heavy makeup, pollution, cold and ultraviolet regains suppleness.

poza cremaHow to use: once the skin is cleansed of impurities and toned, start a gentle massage with your fingertips. After the cream has been deeply absorbed, slightly pinch the skin to stimulate blood circulation of the face.

How to choose the right cream

The choice of such a product should be made primarily based on your skin type.

  • If your skin is normal, opt for a cream with light texture that gives you a feeling of suppleness and comfort.
  • If your skin is oily or mixed, it is best to choose a fluid cream with anti-shine effect, which decreases the glow of the skin. It falls easily into the skin and reduces sebum.
  • If your skin is dry or sensitive, use a cream rich in nutrients, ceramides, fatty molecules able to retain water.

In the summer is recommended to opt for a moisturizer with a light texture. In winter you should use a cream more fat, more nutritious because low temperature dries the skin considerably.

How to have a glowing face

A skin well nourished doesn’t exfoliate and remains soft throughout the day. Here are some tips that can help you showing a glowing face.

  • Purchase a quality moisturizer, adapted to your skin type (sensitive, oily, dry, mixed). This prevents water loss from tissues, even more it keeps and fix the water which prevents irritation caused by dry skin.
  • During day drink plenty of water to remove toxins and to hydrate your body. The more water you drink, the more fresh and hydrated skin you will have.
  • Use a spray with thermal water to prevent dry skin. It is easy to use and even to carry it in your bag, especially if you opt for a small product.