winter is comingDays are getting shorter, trees are losing their crowns, temperatures are going down…winter is knocking at our door! The winter season invites you to curl up by the stove, sipping from a cup of hot chocolate. We usually get less active than in other seasons; couch, blankets, TV/DVD’s  or books become our best friends. We start to put more clothes on us and often add higher numbers on the scale. But with little care that’s not necessary. The following tips will help you get fit and healthy through the winter.

Stay active through the winter

I know it may not be for everyone tempting to go outside in the winter. But a breath of winter’s fresh air around noon is a very good idea. Even on a dark cloudy day your retina will get more light from the outside than from the bright indoor lighting. A daily portion of natural light creates not just a good sleep pattern but also has a positive effect on your mood. An extra reason for a lunchtime walk or a bike ride to do the groceries.

Hat on!

Don’t be afraid ofthe cold, rain or snow.There is so much special winter clothing nowadays thatmaybe thefirst few minutesareuncomfortable,but after a minute you will be nice and warm to enjoy a goodwalk or run in the park. You find it hard to go and leave your cozy home? Promiseyourself that youwill be backwithin fifteen minutesif it is toocold!Just put on a hat, gloves and a big scarf around your neck in strong windsorseverecold and the fifteen minutes will fly by.

Vitamins for more energy in the winter?

Nowadays we live in comfortably warm houses and most of us work indoors. That means we don’t need extra energy to keep our bodies warm. Even more, we use less energy in the winter because we are not as active than in the summer. Do we need to take extra vitamins supplements in the winter? If you normally keep a healthy diet with rich and varied nutrients, the probability of a shortage is not so great. Keep in mind that extra intake of vitamin D is still recommended for young children, the elderly and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. To fight against colds is also advisable to take some extra vitamin C (up to 3 grams per day).

Increase your immunity against cold and flu

The main weapon against a cold or the flu is soap! It’s proven that washing your hands regularly is the most effective tool against infections caused by viruses and bacteria. The best strategy to increase your immunity is to get enough sleep, relax, keep a good body condition and of course maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through a varied diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains you will keep the intestines healthy. During cold days take a dose of probiotic yoghurts. The good bacteria in these yoghurts provide a better environment in your intestines, and if you do catch a cold, the duration of it can be fast shortened.



Water and warm meals in the winter

On a hotsummer dayyourbody loseswatereasily. But don’t forget that also in the winter you will lose water because of thedry airindoorsand also duringoutdoor activities because of thethick clothing. Becauseit is colder, you are probablylessaware. However, inthewinterit is still important that youdrink plenty of fluids daily!

When it comes to dining, a half board full with vegetables is the basis of every hot meal. Fill the other half with rice, pasta or potatoes and a piece of meat, fish, chicken, or eggs and you have the perfect winter diner. Like this you will blend vegetables with protein, carbs and other important nutrients for your body. For lunches take for instance a hot vegetable soup.


Enjoy a cup of tea or a hot chocolate or a beautiful glass of warm wine with cinnamon in front of the open fire and…Happy winter days!