poza art roxSummer at last! A delightful time with warm and good weather, and often topped with a well-deserved vacation. During summer the stores blissful us with cold rosé, plenty of BBQ meat, crispy baguettes, fruit juices and beautiful summer flowers. When it comes to food, we don’t have such a hard time with what to eat in the summer. If possible, we can eat outside, in the garden, terrace, balcony and the meal should be ready soon and not too heavy. In the summer we eat a lot of raw vegetables, cucumber and tomatoes, but this is also the time for zucchini, broccoli and beans.

With luck, it will be a wonderful summer with lots of sunny days in the garden or on the beach. In the summer we are usually more active than in the winter and we choose easier for light dishes. During this time of year most of us are also slightly lighter than in winter. The ideal time to get rid of some kilos.

The following tips will help you fit and healthy through the summer!

Fresh lunch
Slices of fresh cucumber, slices of juicy tomatoes and crunchy radishes…In summer are vegetables on sandwiches more attractive than in other seasons. For the variety, you can also make a salad for lunch. Cut vegetables in season and mix them with a handful of white beans, cooked or grilled chicken breast, smoked salmon or diced ham. Make the salad with a tasty dressing and you have a delicious light lunch.
Legumes such as beans and lentils, are usually on the winter’s menu. But that shouldn’t be because beans and lentils are very healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. Legumes are rich in fiber and contain a lot of protein. Beans and lentils are therefore rather a good substitute for meat and potatoes or rice. Easy ideas for summer: a handful of kidney beans in a salad, a cup of chickpeas into the couscous or a pot of white beans with the pasta.

Outdoor eating
With a bit of nice weather and some bags of charcoal, outdoor cooking becomes a party with lots of meat, sauce and bread. Pretty good, but a little convenient shopping and smart preparation can make the party just a little healthier and less caloric. Some tips:
Are you going to a barbecue by others? Offer that you make salad and care for vegetables you can grill like zucchini, peppers, corn, onions. Everything in strips or chunks on a skewer … always delicious!
Make a green salad even greener with cooked green beans, diced green peppers, cooked broccoli florets, cucumber with peel and a few onions. Season with a dressing with lots of green herbs. Make the barbecue sauce yourself with yogurt as a base.
Vegetables can also be good in pieces on the barbecue. Think of slices of zucchini and bell pepper pieces, portabella (giant mushrooms), onions, pumpkin, corn cob. Delicious with salt and pepper and balsamic vinegar.
Try make small packages with silver foil. Not just for potato or beetroot but try make a package with whitefish with some soy sauce, spring onion, garlic and a little red pepper.
Be careful! Because the sun can spoil meat quickly keep meat and fish till you’re ready to use them in the refrigerator. Don’t place everything immediately on the table. Fill occasionally again. So everything stays nice and fresh. Enjoy summertime!