The cold weather reigned over Ostrava during the whole weekend. So low was the temperature that both days you could spot around 300 empty seats in the arena, despite the fact that the event was sold out.

The encouraging thing was that the Romanian team seemed to have a very warm atmosphere. So far,so good , but the point is all teams try to act well and no one is willing to show in front of the press that they bear animosities towards each other. However, with the Romanian team, something was different and definitely encouraging. I saw Irina Begu training with Halep on Friday. Their communication was flawless. After the training they went to the hotel to get ready for the draw and conference, and Simona helped Irina with her hairstyle (Pictures on Irina’s Instragram). Actually, this is not what friends do, how they behave before they go out?

During the draw, it was full of joy at the Romanian table, especially due to the names on the official magazine which where “turned into Czech”, with the morpheme “ova” at the end of the family name.

After the first match I asked Mr. Segărceanu, how he deals with the fact that Simona is interrupted for autographs by huge queues of fans, he replied:

“It is very nice for us, we are happy that she is part of our team. Simona stands by her team mates, we have a very good atmosphere within the team and this helps us , all. And all the spectators who came to see Halep, they also support us as a team.”

Even if you have to wait for her to sign so many autographs?

” I don`t think I really waited. When I waited, I did it with pleasure because I knew many people in the stands, so I just used the occasion to have a small conversation. 

When I asked if intends to make any changes after 1-1 in the first day, the captain said that they would dine together, they will chat and they will decide afterwards. 

On Sunday, since Buzărnescu  lost to Siniakova, the fifth match of the tie had plenty of pressure. Romania was playing against the World Champion, the team Begu- Niculescv was set to play against the best double team in the world, Siniakova- Krejcikova. Not a very fancy situation to be into. Monica was afraid she could not play up to the expectations, so she asked Halep to replace her. Obviously, Halep refused and encouraged Monica telling her that she has faith in her. 

To make a long story short, Romania won the 5th match, grabs the  qualification into the semifinals and make history beating the Fed Cup champion en-titre at home, in Czech Republic.

Simona’s reaction who snapped into the court after the last ball, Mr. Segărceanu who burst into tears (despite being in general a mountain of self-control), Begu and Niculescu who put the blame on the supporters for the win and the qualification, Ana Bogdan who stood by them at all times and never complained about not being selected to play, ooh well, all these details, all together and one by one show how a team can beat any bunch of individuals.

France, on y arrive!!!!!