poza art roxyWhile for many people water is water and just that, thermal water has been known to have various benefits that you definitely (probably) won’t be finding in your tap anytime soon. Thermal water is H20 that has traveled thousands of meters in Rocky Mountains before surfacing. Through this arduous journey, the water is said to pick up a plethora of minerals and carbon dioxide sans pollution, bacteria, chlorine, calcium residue and whatever else may lie in other water sources.

Thanks to this natural process, this water is recognized as “purer” and is used to treat many skin conditions. From as far back as two centuries ago, thermal water has been used in France by doctors, to treat burns, eczema, psoriasis and a whole host of skin problems. Thermal spring water soothes irritated skin and cools overheated skin. It brings relief to irritated skin and cools down a painful sunburn.

Get yourself a can of thermal spring water and keep it in the refrigerator. It is a cheap yet very versatile weapon in your beauty arsenal.

Here are some tips about how to use thermal water:

If you feel sleepy! Take a can of thermal water and spray on your face lightly. That is a quick and easy way to wake yourself up without the side effects of caffeine. It also gives your skin a lift.

Moisturize your body. After a shower or a bath, towel dry completely. Then spritz on the thermal water all over your body. Seal it in by applying a layer of body oil, or body lotion or cream, whichever you prefer. The water hydrates your skin and the elements in it protect and soothe your skin. The oil, lotion or cream provides additional benefits as well as locks in the moisture.

poza art rox 2Just used a facial scrub? After using a facial scrub or exfoliating your skin, your skin may feel a little irritated. The dead skin cells have been sloughed off, leaving the younger, more vulnerable skin beneath. Soothe your skin with a fine mist of thermal water.

Make your makeup look natural. Make that radiance look (rosy glow on your cheeks) like it is coming from within. After applying foundation and blusher, dust on translucent powder. Then spray on the skin lightly with thermal water. Tap with a cotton pad on your skin to absorb the excess moisture. No one would guess you used makeup to achieve that look.

Burned by the sun? Spray on thermal water to cool the skin. Then apply some aloe vera gel to heal the skin.

Does your skin feel hot or irritated? Thermal water has soothing properties because of the elements it contains. Take your thermal water from the fridge and spritz the irritated skin to soothe it. If you have sensitive skin, regular splashes of thermal water would calm it down. Thermal water contains iron, copper, zinc, fluoride, silver, manganese and silica which leave a fine softening film on the skin, and which soothes, comforts and softens sensitive, irritated or damaged skin.

Going on a flight. Bring along a bottle of thermal water. The air in the airplane can get very dry. Spray your face constantly with thermal water to hydrate your skin throughout the flight. You’ll emerge from the plane looking fresher than your companions.

Thermal water can be found in drugstores.