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Day Cream, Night Cream, or Both

A hydrated and smooth skin is a sign of beauty and health. Every woman dreams at this ideal skin when they buy a pot with cream. Day cream, night cream, anti-wrinkle cream, eye cream…your bathroom closet is suffocated by all kinds of these cosmetic products. Inevitably you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what lotion to use or how many times a day. To maintain a beautiful skin it is recommended to have two creams: one for day and one for night. Both products contain ingredients that hydrate the skin, prevent wrinkles and stimulate cell regeneration....

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Beauty Tips with Thermal Water

While for many people water is water and just that, thermal water has been known to have various benefits that you definitely (probably) won’t be finding in your tap anytime soon. Thermal water is H20 that has traveled thousands of meters in Rocky Mountains before surfacing. Through this arduous journey, the water is said to pick up a plethora of minerals and carbon dioxide sans pollution, bacteria, chlorine, calcium residue and whatever else may lie in other water sources. Thanks to this natural process, this water is recognized as “purer” and is used to treat many skin conditions. From as far...

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Summer Travel

That time of year has arrived: the mail box starts to fill up with exciting offers for worldwide travel deals and the scent of summer has settled at the tip of the nose. At this point, when every free moment is spent daydreaming, it’s already the time to start packing for the perfect summer vacation and get ready for laying back, palm trees and a lot of afternoon naps. Once we have chosen the perfect destination, it’s time for the big check list. The goal: reducing the big suitcase to a refined style capsule. The means: sticking to the most comfortable day...

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Summer Food

Summer at last! A delightful time with warm and good weather, and often topped with a well-deserved vacation. During summer the stores blissful us with cold rosé, plenty of BBQ meat, crispy baguettes, fruit juices and beautiful summer flowers. When it comes to food, we don’t have such a hard time with what to eat in the summer. If possible, we can eat outside, in the garden, terrace, balcony and the meal should be ready soon and not too heavy. In the summer we eat a lot of raw vegetables, cucumber and tomatoes, but this is also the time...

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Summer Shape

Well, it is almost that time of the year again, SUMMER! Everyone wants to be tighter and leaner for the summer time. You know that bathing suit that you have to dust off from the winter and try on to see if it still fits?  If a bikini body is what you’re after come summer, it’s time to start now! Avoid the last minute panic and get your weight loss and diet regime sorted during the last weeks of spring. Try to have at each meal a source of protein, one of good fats and one of vegetables with...

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